Welcome to PKK Lighting – Providing Commercial Lighting services since 1970

Since 1970 our family at PKK Lighting has provided energy efficient lighting solutions for businesses in Madison, Dane County, and Southern Wisconsin.  Our goal is to install and/or maintain lighting that maximizes energy conservation without sacrificing productivity.  By leveraging our extensive lighting experience we can reduce costs related to your lighting systems often by 50% or more.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.  Be it LED bulbs and fixtures, super T8 fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, CFL’s, pulse-start HID, or any other lighting technology we will provide you the ‘right’ lighting products and services to improve or maintain your lighting system.

PKK Lighting, Inc. will insure you get the best value in lighting products, services, and answers.  It’s value created by delivering what we promise.  It’s our family’s commitment to deliver you superior service, excellent value, and follow through regardless your lighting needs.

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PKK Lighting is a proud trade ally with Wisconsin Focus on Energy