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LED Street Light Fixtures

PKK specializes in LED street light fixtures & holiday decorations

Is your Wisconsin municipality in need of an LED street light fixtures retrofit project?  Do you need a partner to help maintain your street lights throughout the year?  Want some help putting up your holiday decorations and lights in your town, village or city?

PKK Lighting is a trusted partner for several municipalities in Wisconsin.  Our rates are very competitive and our team has hundreds of years of combined experience serving local communities.

How can PKK help your municipality?

  • LED street light installation project: our experienced lighting technicians have managed dozens of projects to install new LED street lights. From the installation of street light poles to the LED street light fixtures, our technicians have the experience to get the job done.
  • Street light retrofit project: if your municipality is replacing inefficient street lights with LED street light retrofit kits, PKK can provide you with a quote for the project, in whole or in part.
  • Maintenance and Repair: similar to our Parking Lot Light Pole maintenance, PKK can provide your municipality with a street light maintenance contract where we take responsibility for all maintenance and repairs. Repairs include, but are not limited to:
    • Repair and replacement of lamp, ballast and photocells
    • Installation of light poles and/or luminaries arms
    • Complete fixture replacement
    • Cleaning or repair of components
    • Other repair and maintenance services as needed
  • Seasonal decorations and tall Christmas tree decorating: using our boom trucks, we have the capability to reach heights of 60 feet. So, if your municipality would like some help putting up holiday lights, decorating a tall Christmas tree, or putting up other seasonal decorations during the year, PKK would be happy talk to you.
  • LED light bulbs: PKK can sell you the LED light bulbs and other bulbs you need when you need them. We will also provide free delivery of the bulbs to your location (see our LED Bulbs for Sale page).

Contact the friendly team at PKK Lighting to get a quote for your LED street light fixtures project, your annual street light maintenance, or to put up your holiday decorations.