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Lighting Maintenance Services Company

Contract with a Lighting Maintenance Services Company in Madison WI to serve your ongoing lighting needs

PKK Lighting, a lighting maintenance services company in Madison, WI, has been providing maintenance services for almost 50 years.  PKK understands your need to provide a safe, secure, and well-lit environment for customers, employees, and others that visit your facility.  Having a lighting maintenance contract in place will give you the peace of mind that someone is watching over your facilities and insuring that “the lights are on”.

Our lighting consultants can customize maintenance programs to dispatch our experienced technicians to check your interior and/or exterior lighting and fix only what needs to be fixed.  We can provide your organization with a fixed monthly recurring fee so you know exactly what your future costs will be, or we can work on a time and materials contract.  We can schedule your maintenance to occur monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or other periodic timing as needed.

Here are the primary categories of lighting maintenance contracts that we have with our customers:

  • Parking lot light pole maintenance: PKK will perform periodic night-time inspections to insure the lights are working. We will repair/replace any bulbs, fixtures and light poles as needed.
  • Street light maintenance: PKK can provide your community with a maintenance contract where we will take responsibility for all of your street light maintenance. We will repair/replace bulbs, lamps, fixtures, poles, and other repairs as needed.
  • Emergency exit light maintenance: PKK will perform periodic inspections of your emergency exit lights and help maintain your NFPA recordkeeping logs.
  • Other Indoor / Outdoor Lighting maintenance, as needed: you organization may have additional indoor or outdoor lighting that you’d like PKK to help maintain. We can give you a quote for a custom solution that meets your needs.

To fulfill our recurring maintenance tasks, we have the following resources at our disposal:

  • 3 fully stocked aerial lift trucks that we use for parking lot light pole maintenance, street light maintenance, and other and commercial outdoor lighting maintenance services.
  • 4 full-time technicians with a total of 100+ years of combined experience maintaining our customers’ lighting systems.
  • An inventory of tens of thousands of light bulbs.
  • Relationships with several national commercial light fixture manufacturers to quickly get emergency fulfillment of parts we do not have on hand.

Contact our experienced lighting consultants to discuss your specific lighting maintenance services needs your company has.

Fill out the short form below and we will contact you to discuss your lighting maintenance needs or to schedule an appointment.