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LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Ready to discuss your LED Commercial Outdoor lighting project?  Contact PKK Lighting in Madison Wisconsin

The outside of your building is the first thing visitors see when they come to your facility.  If the building is poorly lit, lights are flickering or burnt out entirely, or the lighting just looks tired and drab, what does that say about your organization?  If you are considering an LED commercial outdoor lighting project, contact the team at PKK Lighting for a free initial consultation.

We’ve been designing lighting solutions for 40+ years.  We help you create the visual impact which sets our customers apart from the crowd.

Types of outdoor commercial lighting projects

Here are just a few of the outdoor lighting project types that PKK can help you with:

  • Retrofit Existing Fixtures – for maximum performance and minimum investment, PKK can retrofit your existing system with energy efficient replacement parts. This process involves replacing ballasts, lamps, or sockets. This results in more efficient lighting without the cost of replacing the entire fixture.
  • Replace Existing Fixtures – some fixtures cannot be retrofitted. However, they can be replaced with more energy efficient LED fixtures, substantially reducing the energy usage and saving on future energy costs. PKK Lighting is an authorized dealer for several lighting manufacturers so you’ll have a large selection of outdoor light fixtures to pick from for your project.
  • New construction
  • Commercial LED flood lights and building wall packs
  • LED canopy lighting

Benefits of our commercial lighting solutions

We’ve been working with Wisconsin municipal building inspectors for several decades.  They know our work and our quality and so there are no “surprises” during the inspections. Other benefits of working with PKK Lighting:

  • Our lighting solutions are environmentally friendly.
  • We utilize cutting edge lighting technologies that provide you with energy savings, improved lighting, longer life, and less ongoing maintenance.
  • Superior light distribution: the solutions we design for our customers are Dark Sky Compliant. What that means is light trespass onto adjacent properties is minimized.  We put the “light” where it belongs.
  • Enhanced safety and security for visitors to your building.
  • Energy efficient: the ongoing energy and maintenance cost of your lighting solution will be cut dramatically from older lighting technologies, often by 50% or more.

When you work with PKK you get the benefit of our vast experience in the industry to bring to your next led commercial outdoor lighting project.  Contact us today to get started.