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Light Pole and Sign Repair Service

Light Pole and Sign Repair Service – Madison Wi

PKK Lighting operates three aerial service trucks each with varying abilities that allow us to repair your sign, pole, and building lights up to 60 feet high. Our trucks are rolling warehouses that are kept fully stocked allowing us to make most repairs in a single stop. This not only saves you labor costs but helps our service technicians make more stops per day reducing lead times. We also keep detailed records of every customer’s lighting system to additionally insure any special or unusual bulb or ballast is on the truck before we show up.

Here is a list of aerial services we provide:

  • Parking lot pole lighting repair

    The flagship of our aerial service truck fleet
    The flagship of our aerial service truck fleet
  • Building perimeter security lighting repair
  • LED sign repair
  • Fluorescent sign repair
  • Neon sign repair
  • High pressure washing of signs and fixtures
  • LED sign retrofits
  • LED and induction fixture retrofits
  • New or replacement pole installation
  • New or replacement fixture installation
  • Replacement glass/plastic lenses
  • Dark Sky compliant lighting
  • Resolution of municipal lighting complaints