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Lighting Consultant

Consulting Services and Creative Design

At PKK Lighting, Inc. our 40+ years of servicing customers and designing solutions give us a specialized viewpoint for creating visual impact that sets our customers apart from the crowd.  We do this while providing an environmentally friendly and “green” approach that utilizes cutting edge technologies that produce energy savings, improved lighting, longer life, and less maintenance.

Oftentimes, customers call our lighting engineers to develop an “out of the box” solution.  One example of this, is when we received a call from a customer asked us to figure out a way to make their custom bathroom sinks glow blue for the men’s restroom, and pink for the women’s restroom.  We needed to do this without anyone seeing the light-source.  After the company saw the result of our engineer’s creative design, they used us as their contractor.


At PKK Lighting, Inc., we work with a number of Interior Decorators and custom design firms to provide the lighting expertise they do not have.  Contact us today to have one of our engineers perform a complete audit of your facility or work-space, and provide you a lighting solution that best meets your needs for now and in the future.