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LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

Depend on PKK Lighting for your LED parking lot pole lights

PKK has been installing and maintaining LED parking lot pole lights for businesses in the greater Madison WI area and around Wisconsin since 1970.

As a building or municipality facilities manager, one of your primary goals is to manage your expense budget.  Another primary goal is security and protection of your employees, customers, and clients.  Doing a retrofit of your parking lot lights to LED will bring your organization several benefits that will start immediately.

5 benefits of doing a retrofit to LED parking lot pole lights:

  1. Reuse existing fixtures: if the current fixtures are in good shape you can avoid throwing them in the landfill by doing a retrofit.
  2. Energy Savings: replacing your inefficient parking lot lights with LED will reduce energy consumption significantly. Many parking lots use inefficient Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures.  Converting those older fixtures to LED can save you 50% or more in energy and maintenance costs.  On a typical “dusk-to-dawn” system your payback could easily be under 3 years!
  3. Increased Safety: your employees, customers, and assets are critical to your business. By improving the lighting footprint using LED parking lot pole lights you’ll be significantly upgrading your level of protection.
  4. Improve overall appeal: a well-lit parking lot may not seem important, but consider the alternative. What if your parking lot is dimly lit, the lights are flickering or buzzing, some of them burnt out…what would your customers and employees think then?
  5. Longer life span: MH or HPS lights might last 15-20 thousand hours while LED parking lot lights can last upwards of 50 thousand hours. This reduces your ongoing maintenance budget and your bulb replacement costs.

PKK Lighting can assist with your LED parking lot pole lights retrofit project

In business for almost 50 years, we know lighting! Contact PKK Lighting to discuss your retrofit project. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Lighting consultation: PKK can consult with you on your retrofit project and provide guidance as to costs, lighting coverage, timing, and project management.
  • Energy audit and projected savings: PKK can evaluate your current lighting solution and provide you with a thorough energy audit and projected savings from a conversion to LED parking lot lights. We will take into consideration: cost of retrofit kits; energy savings; and maintenance savings.
  • Parking Lot Pole replacements/additions: if you need to have some of your parking lot poles replaced or want to add some new poles to improve the coverage, PKK has the experience you need.
  • Ongoing parking lot lighting maintenance: PKK has been providing parking lot lighting maintenance to our customers for almost 50 years. We can provide you a fixed recurring fee contract so you can accurately budget and know your monthly parking lot lighting maintenance costs.
  • Rebates: while the financial returns for an LED lighting retrofit project speak for themselves, there are sometimes additional incentives provided by Wisconsin Focus on Energy (WFOE) and the Wisconsin Public Service commission. PKK Lighting can guide you through the rebate process maximizing your savings and ROI.

When your organization is ready to consider an LED parking lot pole lighting retrofit project, contact our family at PKK Lighting.