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LED Bulbs for Sale

Looking for LED light bulbs for sale in Wisconsin or the Upper Midwest?

Then look no further.  PKK Lighting has LED light bulbs for sale, as well as many other bulbs, for businesses in Wisconsin and the rest of the Upper Midwest.

In addition to our light bulbs for sale, we also provide free delivery of those light bulbs.  We use Spee-Dee Delivery Service ( to deliver our light bulbs.  Wherever Spee-Dee goes, so does our Free Light Bulb Delivery service.

Not sure what kind of light bulb you need to order?  PKK Lighting is happy to assist you to make sure you order the right one for the job.  We do not sell automotive or photographic bulbs, but we can help you get almost everything else.

Here are just a few types of light bulbs we sell:

  • LED
    • Direct fit T8 and T5 tubes in all color temperatures
    • Direct fit and ballast by-pass compact fluorescent replacements both 2-pin and 4-pin
    • Fully dimmable screw-in A-line, flood, spot, and decorative shapes
    • High wattage corn cob and parking garage screw-ins
  • Fluorescent – CFL and tubes
  • HID
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent – yes, incandescent bulbs are still for sale and we stock them!

Need hard to find light bulbs?

Fill out the form below and send it to our PKK team and we’ll reach out to you and help you find the light bulbs you’re looking for.