Indoor and Outdoor Lighting System Management

  • Outdoor and sign lighting repair and maintenance
  • Parking lot lighting system repair and maintenance
  • Indoor lighting maintenance including ballast replacement
  • Fixture cleaning and relamping
  • Emergency lighting system service and maintenance
  • Lighting product sales and management

To offer you the most economy and flexibility, PKK Lighting designs all of our regularly scheduled maintenance programs to match your requirements. Our highly trained lighting service technicians are available when you need them for repairs and recurring system maintenance. Best of all, because PKK Lighting specializes in all aspects of managing your lighting system, you save money! So relax and leave your lighting system management services to PKK Lighting.

Truck-oMake the Smart Lighting System Maintenance Choice

When you choose PKK Lighting for your lighting system maintenance you are guaranteed a variety of services all designed to give you better, brighter and lower cost lighting. Here are some benefits provided by using PKK Lighting as your lighting system management specialist.

  • Installation of the lowest energy usage products
  • Group relamping designed to eliminate frequent lamp outages
  • Routine inspections of the lighting system
  • Fully stocked service vehicles (eliminates your need to purchase and stock lighting products)
  • Lighting system upgrades that reduce energy usage by 25 to 50%
  • Fixture cleaning that keeps your lighting system operating at peak efficiency
  • Installation of the proper color lamps
  • Trained and experienced lighting service technicians
  • Proper and legal disposal of all waste lighting products