Recycle today with PKK!

Lighting – The hazardous waste in your ceiling

While we’ve come a long way in the last twenty years the average business owner still doesn’t realize fluorescent tubes and ballasts are classified as hazardous (Universal Waste) materials and are not accepted by Wisconsin landfills.  Besides why throw away material that can be 100% recycled.  YES!  Light bulbs, ballasts, fixtures, almost every component in a lighting system can be 100% recycled and re-used or re-purposed.  Computers, televisons, and all other electronic devices too!  Not only does PKK Lighting fully recycle all the material we change during service but we also pick-up and recycle any company’s lighting and electronic waste.

Our recycling division will help your company properly manage:Recycle-Symbol

  • Light bulbs and tubes of all kinds
  • Ballasts and capacitors both PCB and non-PCB
  • Batteries of all types except automotive (alkaline, lithium, niCad, lead-acid, button type)
  • e-waste including cell phones, computers, televisions, telephones, circuit boards, etc.
  • Mercury containing devices including thermostats and thermometers

PKK is a fully licensed and insured collector of these materials and will insure proper and legal disposal providing you proof of recycling to protect you against potential liability.