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6 things to know when shopping for High Bay Lighting

6 things to know when shopping for High Bay Lighting

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Consider LED High Bay Lighting for your project

Whether you are constructing a new facility that needs high bay lighting or looking to upgrade your current high bay lighting fixtures, there are a few things you should know before you make your final decision about the solution that’s best for you:

  1. Lighting Technology: Conventional incandescent lamps put out 10 – 20 lumens per watt of electricity. High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and fluorescents put out 50 – 75 lumens per watt.  LED high bay lights are constantly improving, with lumens per watt approaching upwards of 160.  So the best long run decision is to go with the high efficiency LED high bay lights.  The energy savings alone will more than offset the higher cost per fixture. Another benefit of the LEDs is that they are dimmable, so depending on your specific needs means that you can gain even more savings by dimming the lights or turning them on/off with the use of occupancy sensors.
  2. Light Level: Depending how the facility is being used will help determine the desired light level you’ll need.  In a production facility where precision work is performed will need much higher light levels than a warehouse used for storage.  PKK Lighting can help guide you with the selection of the proper light levels based on how the space will be used. 
  3. Dimensions of area: Knowing the length, width and height of the area to be lit will be critical as it will help determine the number and spacing of the LED high bay light fixtures. Ideally, a blue print of the facility will allow your lighting professional to properly design the solution.
  4. Ceiling Type: The ceiling type will help determine how and where to mount the high bay fixtures. Some common types of ceilings include drywall, metal trusses, purlins, and corrugated metal.
  5. Available Voltage: Before making a buying decision for your LED high bay lights, you need to know what voltage will be available to power the fixtures.  High bay light fixtures are specifically designed for a certain level of power and will underperform (or not work at all) if that level of power is not provided. 
  6. Budget: How much budget is set aside for your lighting system? 

PKK Lighting has been designing, installing and maintaining lighting systems for our customers for almost 50 years.  We can consult with you on your LED High Bay lighting project and make recommendations on the best solution taking all of the above into consideration.