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Deciding between LED Tubes and LED Lighting Fixtures

Deciding between LED Tubes and LED Lighting Fixtures

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If your organization is looking to get the benefits of upgrading your older linear fluorescent lights with LED, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you will replace the fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or invest in new LED fixtures.

The decision is similar to whether you should continue to invest in your older model car and keep it running for just a bit longer or is it time to invest in a newer model.

There are several pros and cons to LED tubes and LED Fixtures, and we’ll explore those in more detail in a future blog post.  This post will focus on some of the things you should consider as you make your initial decision to use LED tubes or new LED fixtures.

  1. What is the condition of your existing lighting fixtures?  Are they yellowed or have cracked lenses?  How easy or difficult is it to find replacement lenses or parts to keep them running?
  2. Is the energy efficiency of the lighting and ease of future maintenance an important consideration?  There’s no doubt that LED fixtures will provide you with better energy efficiency and lower cost maintenance, so if that’s important to you then LED fixtures might be the way to go.  Having said that, there are some very good low-cost LED tubes that can save you money up front.
  3. Do you plan to do a complete lighting retrofit (replacing all fluorescents with LED), or are you replacing fluorescents with LED’s as they burn out?  If you plan to replace as they burn out and avoid the upfront cost of a complete retrofit, then LED tubes are probably the right choice for you.
  4. Do you need to meet building codes or energy control standards?  If you have strict efficiency or energy control requirements, the likely best solution is a complete fixture replacement with LED.  The newest LED technology can incorporate advance controls that will meet, and even exceed, building codes and energy control requirements.
  5. Are there any rebates available for LED tubes or fixtures?  Wisconsin Focus on Energy partners with electric utilities to provide rebates to residential and business customers who invest in energy saving projects.  Your rebate may be the deciding factor of whether you decide to use LED tubes or new LED fixtures.  Let PKK Lighting walk you through the Lighting Incentive Catalog Supplemental Data Sheet to determine your potential rebate.

If you need help evaluating your situation, contact the lighting experts at PKK Lighting.  We’ve been assisting businesses like yours with lighting installation and lighting maintenance services since 1970.