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Grocery Store Lighting – are LED lights right for you?

Grocery Store Lighting – are LED lights right for you?

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Brighten things up with Grocery Store Lighting

Are your customers excited about their trip to the store to shop for fruits, vegetables, meats and deli items, or are they just going through the motions?  If it’s the latter, then it might be time for you to evaluate your Grocery Store Lighting and upgrade to LED lighting, especially for your product displays.  LED lighting throughout your grocery store will dramatically improve the look and feel of your store and can improve the experience of your customers.

The old standard for grocery store lighting was row after row of fluorescents.  Fluorescents are expensive to operate, are aesthetically unattractive, and generally cast a light that is not flattering at all.

The new standard for grocery stores is LED lighting.  Due to their energy efficiency and improved color rendering capabilities, grocery store owners are “seeing the light” and are undertaking LED retrofit projects to upgrade their lighting solution.

Improve the look of your deli meat counter with LED lights

A 2017 study by University of Missouri, titled “Staying Fresh”, “shows that LED lighting can leave hamburger meat with more red color in deli cases longer than incandescent bulbs.”  The study looked at the effect of incandescent bulbs (which run hotter) on red meats as compared to cooler LED lights and found that the incandescent lights caused more discoloration than the LED lights.  The study showed that complete darkness was the best solution for meat retaining its’ red color, but that’s obviously not a solution that would work in a grocery store.  The next best solution was LED lights because LEDs produced little to no heat or UV light.  It should also be noted that certain LED lights with higher R9 color values can actually make the red meat appear more vibrant and attractive.

Produce and Floral Departments can also benefit from LED lights

The impact of LEDs can extend beyond the meat counter to the produce section and floral department.  The use of LEDs with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) are excellent solutions for produce and floral displays as high CRI LED lights more accurately match natural sunlight without the damaging heat emitted by incandescent lights.

Freezer and Refrigeration Cases also benefit from LED Lights

LED lights are also a better alternative for your freezer and refrigerator cases, as the cold temperatures in these cases can cause light reduction for the fluorescent lights.  LED lights do not suffer from light reduction in cold temperatures due to their heatsink technology.

Take a look at the image below from one of our grocery store lighting projects to see the effect of an LED lighting retrofit project:

grocery store lighting

So what are you waiting for?  Contact the experienced LED lighting installation professionals at PKK Lighting in Madison, WI to discuss your grocery store lighting needs.  Take a look at some of our LED lighting projects to see some of the work we do.