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LED Lighting – advantages for your business

LED Lighting – advantages for your business

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Has your business considered the many advantages of LED Lighting?

When making the decision of whether to switch to LED lighting, many of our customers ask us to explain the advantages of LED lighting for their business.  With so many potential projects competing for limited funding, a business needs to weigh the advantages that each project will provide so they can make informed decisions.  If you need help identifying the specific advantages of LED lighting for your business, contact the lighting consultants at PKK Lighting in Madison, WI for a free consultation.

As you evaluate your most important projects, here are some of the primary advantages of LED lighting for business that you should consider:

Energy Savings of LED Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is the energy savings and reduced electrical costs.  Energy Star LED bulbs typically use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs.  This lower cost of energy results in a shorter payback from a switch to LED lighting.  PKK Lighting can help you determine the payback period for your LED lighting project.

Technology advantages of LED Lighting

Advances in and improvements to LED lighting technology have dramatically improved the color rendering abilities of LEDs.  The ability to boost the output for a certain spectrum of light can result in more vibrant colors, which is important to grocery and convenience stores, retailers, museums and other businesses where “real” lighting is important.

LED lighting technology allows a business to display virtually any color under the rainbow at the touch of a button or to program the lighting to change by time of day or day of week to correspond  to how the space is being used.

Maintenance advantages of LED Lighting

LED bulbs can last 50 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means much less time spent replacing burned out bulbs.  For businesses with very high ceilings and hard to reach places that require ladders and other special equipment, the reduction in maintenance costs is even more dramatic.  In fact, a business should consider changing to LED lighting in these hard to reach places first, as the benefits can start accruing right away.

Environmental advantages of LED Lighting

For businesses that want to fulfill their social responsibility to the environment, making a switch to LED lighting is a no brainer.  The reduction in energy consumption alone makes the case for LED lighting.  Add the ability to recycle 100% of LED bulbs and fixtures and that LED’s contain no mercury, and businesses can feel much better about their impact on the environment.

In summary, making the switch to LED lighting will provide your business with many advantages over old-fashioned incandescent lighting.  From lower life-time costs, to improved technology, to the reduced impact on our environment, LED lighting is a great choice for your business.  Contact the lighting experts at PKK Lighting to discuss your project to make the switch to LED lighting.