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Lighting Installation Company discusses Church Lighting recommendations

Lighting Installation Company discusses Church Lighting recommendations

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Church Lighting recommendations from a Madison WI lighting installation company

Each business and organization has its’ own unique challenges when it comes to properly lighting their building and grounds. For people that are responsible for planning their Church lighting needs, it can be very involved with many inputs to consider. While the task can be daunting, approaching your Church lighting project with the help of a professional lighting installation company will make the project more successful. From the stage at the front of the church to the pews where your congregation sits, choosing the right lighting for your church can be a straight forward project.

We understand that budgets can be tight, but you don’t need expensive lasers and spotlights for your small church to look like a big church.  With LED lighting options, professional lighting can be very affordable.  Here are some pointers for your Wisconsin church lighting project:

Church Stage Lighting Recommendations

The front stage will be the focus of any church since that is where most of the activities are taking place, including sermons, wedding vows, baptisms, and more.  Drawing attention to the stage with proper lighting will help make it the focal point of your church.

  • Select lights that will serve multiple purposes.  For example, you’ll want stage lights that are directional that can be adjusted, if needed.
  • Are there parts of the stage or background that you want to highlight, like a stained glass window or religious symbol(s)?  Install appropriate LED lighting that will bring attention to different parts of the stage.
  • Create several layers of lighting for the stage. You’ll want rows of overhead lights that can be controlled from offstage so that the lighting can be dimmed or enhanced during a service or an event.
  • Spotlights that allow you to focus on the speaker with different intensities of light will create an enjoyable experience for the audience.

Congregation Seating Lighting Recommendations

The lighting for the church seating section has its own set of considerations. Because this area needs to have clear sightlines of the stage from every seat, here are a few tips to consider as you create your project plan for upgrading your church lighting solution:

  • Natural lighting: does your church have a lot of natural lighting that you can take advantage of for lighting the main seating area?  If so, you may not need as much artificial lighting and can keep your costs down.
  • Reading lighting: keep in mind that members of your congregation will be reading during your sermons and ceremonies, whether it’s pamphlets, hymnals, or other materials.  You’ll need to make sure there is enough lighting throughout the seating area for everyone to be able to read comfortably and not have to strain their eyes.
  • Dimmable lighting: being able to control the intensity of the seating area lights will allow you to set the mood for your sermons and other events.

When you’re planning your church lighting project, contact PKK Lighting in Madison, WI, a professional lighting installation company for over 40 years.  We’ve worked with many churches on their lighting projects and we’ll be happy to work with you.