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Stop touching your light bulbs and save money

Stop touching your light bulbs and save money

Written by Chris Driscoll on . Posted in , .

Labor is the 2nd biggest cost of owning and operating a light bulb

After electricity did you know that labor to change burned out lights is the next highest cost of owning a lighting system?  Up to 11% of your expense to operate a light fixture is comprised of the time it takes to maintain it!  There are a few simple things you can do to minimize time and labor costs and still keep your facility properly lit and productive:

  1. Think about group re-lamping.  Installing all new lamps at the same time means years of nearly maintenance free lighting.
  2. Change every lamp in a fixture when you touch it.  It takes the same amount of labor to change one lamp as it does 3 or 4.
  3. Clean the lens when you touch a fixture. Dirt accumulates on every surface of a light fixture which results in 10-15% light loss and increased heat retention. A simple wipe of the lens with clean water means brighter spaces, less heat, and happier employees.

PKK Lighting can help you anticipate and reduce your labor costs for lighting maintenance by setting up a scheduled inspection of your lighting system or, better yet, install all new lights and maintain them for a flat monthly fee.  Contact us today to discuss your commercial lighting needs.