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Tips from a Madison, WI Lighting Maintenance company

Tips from a Madison, WI Lighting Maintenance company

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What to expect from a Lighting Maintenance Company

The interior and exterior lighting for your building or facility is an important area to stay on top of throughout the year.  In addition to the lighting needed for people to do their jobs and to navigate around your facility, there is also the emergency lighting in case the power goes out so that people can safely exit the building.

If you fail to properly maintain your lighting it could result in safety issues for your employees, tenants and visitors as well as fines from your municipality for violating local building codes, and even legal liability if someone gets injured.

Lighting Maintenance Services

In order to ensure that your facility is up to code and that your lighting system is working properly, you should schedule routine lighting maintenance throughout the year. That will make it easier to identify any problems more timely and give you the peace of mind that your lighting system is working as it should.

What is Lighting Maintenance and who needs it?

Any building or facility where people come and go is a candidate for a lighting maintenance plan.  Here are just a few of the entities that should have a plan in place to ensure that all of the lighting works as intended:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Apartment buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Office buildings
  • Parking lot owners
  • Churches

What services are included with Lighting Maintenance?

When you hire a professional to conduct your lighting inspection, they will walk through the entire facility and grounds to identify your existing lighting.  If desired, they can make recommendations for improvements as well as potential savings opportunities from more efficient LED lighting.  They will also help you put together a lighting maintenance plan to address your needs going forward.

A lighting maintenance plan should address all of the critical components of your lighting system.  These include:

  • An inspection of your emergency exit lights (includes updating your National Fire Protection Association compliance logs)
  • Interior/Exterior lighting inspection and maintenance (includes repairs/replacement of bulbs, lamps, fixtures and controls)
  • Parking lot light pole inspections and maintenance (includes repairs/replacements of bulbs, lamps, fixtures and poles)
  • Street light maintenance (includes repairs/replacements of bulbs, lamps, fixtures and poles)

Maintenance can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on your needs.

Hire a professional Lighting Maintenance company

At PKK Lighting in Madison, WI, we’ve been providing lighting maintenance services for 50 years.  We have fully stocked aerial lift trucks, full-time technicians with over 100 years of combined experience, an inventory of tens of thousands of light bulbs, and relationships with several national light fixture manufacturers to quickly get replacement parts/fixtures that we do not have on hand.

Contact PKK Lighting to discuss your lighting maintenance needs to see how we might be able to help you.